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The History of Zion Church



On the 26th of October, 1943, two lots were purchased by Rev. Clinton Mack from Helen and Henry Woodruff in the subdivision known as Seaboard Highland of Pompano Beach, Florida the House of God was built and the first service was rendered, on November 14, 1943, which was a second Sunday. Deacon Joseph Abram led-the first devotion service and Rev. Clinton Mack preached the first sermon in the new building.
On January 23, 1944, Rev. J. N. Butler from the Missionary of the East Coast District made a visit to the House of God. While visiting, he found a group of believers in Christ He asked all members who joined by letter to stand and have the letters read Then all who joined by Christian experience to stand. The members sang “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.” Prayer was offered The covenant was read and explained and the right hand of fellowship was given Rev. Butler asked for a name to be given for the church Deacon Joseph Abrams motioned /that the church be named Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church-And was also motioned by Deacon Abrams that Rev. Clinton Mack be the pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church. Among the members who joined was Sis. Leola Mack, Sis. Annie Abrams, Sis. Meritta Grant, Sis. Frances McCuller and Deacon Joseph Abrams. It was motioned by Sis. Meritfea Grant that Deacon Joseph Abrams become the treasurer of the church. It was motioned by Deacon Joseph Abrams that Sis. Meritta Grant be the secretary. “It was motioned -and seconded that Sis. Annie Abrams be the mother. With this the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church was organized Rev. D. V. Miller, Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church of Pompano Beach, Florida made remarks. Rev. J. N. Butler turned the church over to Rev. Clinton Mack, the Pastor.

On February 15, 1944, Rev. Clinton Mack represented Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in the East Coast Association. On April 27, 1944, Rev. Mack represented Mt.-Zion in the BYPU Congress.

The first Rally was held May 28, 1944. The first prayer meeting was held on June 8, 1944. The Home Mission was organized by Sis. Lula Moran of Miami, Florida
February 11, 1945 was the day of the first baptism. On July 30, 1945, the first Revival Meeting was held by Rev. O W. Wells, Pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church, in Ft Lauderdale, Florida New pews were purchased on September 25, 1945.
On June 13, 1949, the church was expanded
In 1952 Sis. Meritta Grant departed this life, and on Friday night, before the second Sunday in August, the church elected Sis. Ruth Oliver as the secretary of Mt Zion, Also, the Number 1 Choir was organized by Sis. Francis Hankerson. Sis. Hankerson was elected president. The church ordained three deacons: Fred Ervin, Marshall Wiggins, Sr. and Holmes Drayton One Minister were ordained: Rev. B. T. Wilson and one minister licensed, Bro. Oliver Brooks.
In 1954, the Number 2 Choir was organized and a piano was purchased by the Mission. Members of the choir were as follows: Emma Frances Hawkins, Ruth Oliver, Catherine Hawkins, Idella Williams, Marshall Wiggins, Jr. Ill Aaron Wiggins, George Hendrich, and Davie Clement. Sis. Oliver was elected president. Sis. Katie Romer, was the musician.
On January 24, 1963, the old church was torn down. Worship service was held at Antioch Baptist Church for one year. Rev. J. A. Latham was the pastor at Antioch. Worship services were next held at Zion Hope Baptist Church where Rev. Bt. T. Wilson was the pastor.
In 1965, Mount Zion built the new church. On September 19, 1965, everyone marched into the new church and the dedication service, which was to have been preached by Rev. R. W. Williams, was presided over by an acting pastor and the choir from Hopewell Baptist Church of Pompano Beach, Florida Mrs. Blanche Ely was the guest speaker, along with the mayor of the city and other leading citizens. The amount raised for this occasion was $ 1,156.17.
On January 7,1977, Rev. Clinton Mack resigned due to failing Health’ Mount Zion was without a pastor from January through September, 1977. The members did not stop serving the Lord Worship service was held every Sunday with different ministers officiating and Rev. Samuel K. Stephens, Assistant Pastor, conducting the services. On Friday, September 9, 1977, the Rev. A M Hill was elected to be the Pastor of Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Hill took his position as the leader of Mt Zion and began working in the vineyard in September, 1977. On November 3,1977, the first Tuesday night, Rev. Jackson welcomed Rev. Hill to the city of Pompano Beach, Florida On November 4,1977, our installation service began with Rev. Atkins rendering the service and on Sunday, November 6, the installation service was closed by Rev. Douse and his congregation In December, 1977, officers were elected for the Year of 1978.
In 1978, one deacon was ordained, Henry McCloud With the help: of God, central air conditioning was installed in the church. Other auxiliaries were organized: the Pastors Aide Board and the C. Mack club in honor of Rev. Clinton Mack. During the beginning of the year, a church calendar was set up for all programs and anniversaries.
In September, 1980, the Cornerstone was laid & sponsored by the C .Mack Club of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church.
In September of 1981 the church suffered a great loss when the founder of Mt Zion, Rev. Clinton Mack, passed away.
In March of 1982, two deacons were ordained: Amos Russell and Lee Artis Breedlove. The Floral Circle Was organized in May, 1982 by Sis. Sarah Ward. Also, Rev. Joel Decoursey was elected assistant pastor and served faithfully until God blessed him with his own church.
On July 7, 1982, the C. Mack Club changed its name to the C Mack Circle.
On December 2, 1983, the Building Fund was established Sis. Arie Williams was elected to serve as its president.The C. Mack Circle began working on a new project for the expansion of the church on January 1,1984 and continued to work toward this goal.
On May 24, 1984, Deacon Aaron Wiggins preached his trial sermon and became a licensed minister.
On January 6, 1985, three deacons were ordained: Marshall Wiggins, Jr., Freddie Williams, and Richard Reed.
On January 27, 1985, Deacon Brock Washington joined Mt. Zion and became a member of the Deacon Board.
On May 26, 1985, Minister Aaron Wiggins was ordained and became a full-fledged gospel minister. We were blessed with 11 deacons and 3 junior deacons. We have been blessed with 80 members in 1985. We had two deaths. Deacon Grover Johnson Expired.

On September 28, 1985, our Pastor, Rev. A M Hill, resigned as pastor of Mt Zion Mt. Zion members held their first Shut-in Service in December of 1985.
On January 10, 1986, the members elected Rev. Cecil R Roberts of Miami, Florida, to serve as pastor of Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

On Sunday, May 25, 1986, Deacon Marshall Wiggins preached his trial sermon and became a licensed minister. The members of Mt Zion increased their participation in the Florida East Coast Association during the latter part of 1986 and continued to take part in workshops, seminars, and Christian Education classes in 1987. For the second year in a row Mt Zion sent delegates to the State Congress of Christian Education and the National Baptist Convention.
We welcomed eighteen new members into the body of Mt. Zion in 1987. Five of our members were called name to be with the Lord.
On March 26, 1988, the C. Mack Circle, along with the body of Mount Zion, purchased the property east of the church.
On Sunday May 22, 1988, Bro. Cecil Tolbert preached his trial sermon and became a licensed minister.
In June of 1988, Mt Zion, through the effort of the Building Fund, purchased three lots located on the east side of the existing property line. Mt Zion welcomed twenty-one new members in 1988.
In November Minister Grover Johnson Jr. preached his trial sermon.
On November 7, 1988 the church was repaired and painted through a project spearheaded by the C. Mack Circle.
In March, 1990, the C. Mack Circle presented framed pictures of the founder of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church the late Rev. Clinton Mack and our former Pastor, Rev. Cecil Roberts.
October 24, 1990 Four Deacons were ordained: Julius Drayton, Edison Hall, Dwellie Striggles and Roger Wells.
On August 30, 1991 Deacon Holmes Drayton voted “Honorary Emeritus Deacon”. The same year installation Ceremony for Rev. Aaron Wiggins was held on September 15 Rev. A. M. Hill officiating.
August 13,1992 Deacon Lee Artis Breedlove expired.
On August 20, the C. Mack Circle donated $14,587.33 towards the purchase of the property adjacent to our present location.
May of 1993 Minister Grover Johnson Jr. and Minister Cecil Tolbert Ordained. There was a Dedication Ceremony held for the house purchased on the lot June of that year. In September The C Mack Circle was able to fulfill their dream. The purchased and dedication of a marquee in the front of the Church was accomplished.
On April 9, 1995 two Deacons Ordained: Deacon Lafayette Jones and Deacon Alex Randell. On May 23rd of the same year the first COPP certification of Progress Program was completed. July 17 – 21st during the 36th session of the Florida East Coast Association District Congress of Christian Education Rev. Wiggins along with 37 members traveled to Fort Pierce, Florida. This was the 2nd highest number of church members out of 63 churches. Mt. Zion is currently the only church in Broward County that is a certified school. The highest award called “The Deans Lamp Lighters” was given to the Pastor Aaron Wiggins who demonstrated genuine interest in Christian education.
In February 2000, three Deacons were ordained Deacon Willie Lyas, Deacon Dennis Mosley and Deacon Melvin Johnson. On June 18th Deacon Alex Randell Jr. gave his trial sermon and became a licensed minister. In December the Church van was paid in full.
In January of 2006 the church purchased and installed a new air condition unit in the Fellowship Hall. In February Sister Arie Bell King expired. On June 25th Minister Roger Wells was licensed. Four Deacons were Ordained Brother Charles Fann, Brother Courtney Jones, Brother Dwight Reed and Brother Erskine Kennedy. There were 3 new members added to the Mt. Zion Family.
On Aug 15, 2010 Rev. Aaron Wiggins Retired as Pastor of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church.
On February 22, 2011 by the aide of the Holy Spirit Mt. Zion elected Rev. Nathan E. Austin as its new spiritual leader. Rev. Austin began his Pastorate on fire for the Lord.
On the first Sunday in March of 2011 Rev. Austin declared Mount Zion as a place the has been “Positioned To Prosper”. With the aid of the Lord Mt. Zion has done just that, “Prospered”. Under the leadership of Pastor Austin, Mt Zion has experienced tremendous growth. Mt Zion’s finances, membership, and spiritual maturity have all increased under Pastor Austin’s leadership.
On April 17, 2011 at the New Shiloh Baptist Church of Miami (Rev. D. L. Powell Senior Pastor) Rev. Austin was officially installed as Mount Zion new Under-Sheppard. The outside of the church building was also remodeled in April of 2011. New sound equipment and a church marquee has been purchased and the inside of the church’s sanctuary has been renovated as of June of 2011. Also in June Mt. Zion launched its first website Through this website members can view daily happenings of our church, listen to gospel radio, invite others to our worship service, make financial contributions along with several other features. Weekly worship service and bible study attendance has also grown in the past several months.