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The Lions of Zion Youth Department is a full service ministry dedicated to empowering, teaching, serving and guiding the Youth of today to be the leaders and well rounded Christians of tomorrow.We focus on theYouth’s spiritual life but also their academic and personal life. Our mission is to raise up a generation of children from all backgrounds to be the best that they can be.


Minister Brandon T. McCord- Youth Director

Jasmeka Colvin– Assistant Director
Adrianna McDuffie and Nancy Nadal– Finance Committee
Vernell Hicks– Worship, Arts, and Music Director
Myosha Habersham– Children’s Church Coordinator
Stephon Roberson– Outing Coordinator
Natosha King– Special Events Coordinator
Carolyn Thompson– Sunday School Coordinator

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What we offer:
Children’s Church
Teen Church
Youth Bible Study
Music and Arts
Outreach an In-reach Report Card Recognition College Prep and Scholarship Fun Trips and Outings

Facebook: Lions of Zion
Twitter: @Lionsof_Zion
Instagram: @Lionsof_Zion


January (Faithfulness)
MLK Parade 1/18/15
February (Love)
Alvin Ailey Show 2/19/16
March (Peace)
Spring Break March 21-25 Youth Extravaganza 3/19/16 Dade County Fair 3/20/16 Youth Lock In 3/26/16 Easter Presentation 3/27/16
April (Kindness)
Child Net Outreach Outing 4/23/16
May (Patience)
Worship in Arts Conference Mother’s Day Tribute 5/8/16
Water Rapids 6/25/16 Graduation celebration Father’s Day Tribute 6/19/16
Annual Youth Service 7/24/16 Camping Trip 7/13/16 7/15/16
August (Gentleness)
Back to School Jam 8/14/16
October (Joy)
Fall Joy Night 10/31/16
November (Goodness)
Fall Festival
Homeless Voice Visit 11/19/16
Santa’s Enchanted Forest 12/12/16 Angel Tree Toy Drive 12/11/1


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