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Friday, March 31, 2017

Read Psalm 33:12-22

From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind.
Psalm 33:13
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you walked through an art museum and could hear the paintings speak about their creators? Walking by The Starry Night, we might hear the painting whisper, “My artist, Vincent van Gogh, was wonderful with texture!” Water Lilies would interject, “Claude Monet is a master at blending soft colors. Look how lovely he has made me!”

We are God’s works of art, and we are able to praise our Creator, the one who envisioned us, formed us, and breathed life into us. We can acknowledge that indeed, we are His. What a marvelous thing to be created by the Almighty God. No wonder the psalmist rejoiced and praised Him!

Our psalm for today reminds us where we should put our trust. National pride or political rulers or military might will not ultimately save us. No king is omniscient, and no weapons are omnipotent. Only God can look down from heaven and see each one of us (v. 13). What a wonderful thing to know that He observes what is happening on earth. The One who created our hearts knows what those hearts are contemplating (v. 15).

Our focus should be on the Lord who knows every thought and plan. And we can have hope because our God is a God of love (v. 18). Notice how many times the psalmist uses the word hope in the final four verses. We have hope because God is strong (v. 20) and His love is unfailing (v. 22). Because of His character, we can rejoice even when the world around us appears to be in chaos (v. 21).

The God who so wonderfully designed you keeps His eye upon you. You can rejoice in His goodness and have hope in His love.

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